Leadership and Excellence
Leadership and Excellence

We celebrate the passion and dedication of our company awardees.​

Read about how they sustained excellence in the midst of conquering work challenges, and how this paved their path to growth. ​

  • Kathrina M. Duenas​ , Unilab Consumer Health (Marketing)

    “Being a team leader is a challenging role in an organization because you are responsible for the development and welfare of your team members. For me, this is a continuing journey, as I also try to improve myself and aim to be the kind of leader that I want to be. I was able to overcome challenges because of the support of my teammates, my bosses, my co-workers and fellow Unilab employees. If there’s one common trait that describes every Unilab personnel that I have worked with, it’s the sense of Malasakit. Everyone in the organization is always willing to help, give advice, and extend support—not only within your division but even outside your division. ”

  • Aldrich P. Sabay​ , Finance

    “Challenges have always been part of my daily life with Unilab. I am not complaining; it’s a way of life and I actually look forward to it. Sharing a mantra with my team that we do not say no helps me thrive in such situations, and helps me overcome daunting tasks. It’s been my nature to always do my best. I do not say no to things that are assigned to me. I’d rather reply that I will try to see if I can do it. That makes me strive to become effective in everything that I do.”

  • Marvin S. De Guzman​ , Corporate Quality Assurance and Compliance​

    “I’ve been with the company for over 20 years now, so it is not surprising that my professional journey in Unilab has had many twists and turns. I’ve been through a number of movements across different divisions. Through the years, I’ve also seen a number of changes in my job functions, including the assignment of bigger responsibilities. All these experiences have taught me one thing, and that is to “bloom where you are planted.” I have learned to take on challenges as they come and to lift them up in prayer while I do my best in each circumstance.”​

  • Romwel P. Moral​ , Westmont (Sales and Marketing)

    “There is no perfect job, and I am not perfect either. When I was just starting as a Professional Sales Representative, my bosses told me that the reason they kept transferring me was because they knew that I could handle it. My superiors trusted me and believed I could flip an area around and make it generate sales. Once I looked at these challenges as an opportunity to learn and grow, nothing could really faze me. I love my job, and I am extremely passionate in this field despite the number of challenges I’ve faced. ”​

Serving with Passion and Excellence​

In Unilab, we always go the extra mile. We value pure perseverance matched with honest, passionate, and excellent work, and it is in this way in which Unilab attained its present esteemed position. ​

We take a proactive approach in making sure that the way we do our work are only up to standards of quality, enabling us to keep customer loyalty for over 75 years now. ​

Our leaders inspire us to do our best. ​

Along with motivational leadership, we are guided by Core Competencies which help drive our success and optimum performance at work.​