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Join the Unilab Team Today


It is the spirit of Bayanihan that drives us to continue our legacy of excellence and commitment to care. As an organization, we achieve our successes through good, honest, and persevering hard work - TOGETHER. It is in this way in which our company was built; we progressed as the country's leading Pharmaceutical company, not by sheer luck, but by pure perseverance, integrity, and brotherhood. Grow with us, and be a part of the Bayanihan spirit.


Role Overview:

  • Computes the monthly cash incentives and per diem of stakeholders by generating sales performance, applying amount based on the incentive table and by referring to in-base/OHB numbers set by operations management, leaves and conferences respectively including routing of approval
  • Facilitates company vehicle requirements, collaterals such as fleetcards and other company assets for assignments/reassignments of new/old vehicles/other assets/U-Fame, its option to buy (OTB) by obtaining forms/documents, checking compliance, encoding in portal, routing for approval, shipment of units, coordination with corporate finance asset and PSG including the maintenance of a regularly updated database of movement.
  • Processes corporate credit card expenses (C3S), disbursement voucher form (DVF) clearances and travel arrangements by checking the corporate compliance of receipts, sorting, batching, routing for approval, transmittal to CPAG, update on the AOE report and by booking hotel, transport, plane tickets, and cash advance respectively
  • Processes MD and medical society honorarium by checking MD contracts, post activity reports, receipts and other requirements set by the company, routing for approval, monitoring and maintaining a record of acknowledgements receipts (AR) of checks and requests for monthly payment of third party service providers such as janitorial, maintenance, vehicle services, others and replenishes office supplies by encoding in 1SS
  • Facilitates Price Authorization Form (PAF) and dispensing MD deal by encoding in 1SS, routing for approval, coordination to price master and assists on call reports by recording call lists/call cards, forwarding to PDBA and encoding of ADCs


We are committed to providing our employees with the best possible experience. As a LEARNING ORGANIZATION, we are eager to support your development and create the most fitting career path for you. As DESIGNERS AND DRIVERS OF INNOVATION, we are keen to provide you with opportunities to positively transform processes that will intensify business growth. As a NURTURING FAMILY, we are passionate about conducting programs that can promote your wellness, and help you be the best that you can be. As BELIEVERS OF OUR PURPOSE, we are and we will always remain earnest in giving meaningful tasks that will keep you delighted and fulfilled - at work and beyond.



How do I Apply
How do I Apply